Arts 308 - Talk to your MP!

Nov 6, 12:59 PM

The Canadian Arts Coalition is calling all arts advocates!

The ARTS 308 Campaign, is an initiative of the Canadian Coalition for the Arts encouraging the artistic community to meet with their MPs. The goal of this campaign is to sensitize Members of Parliament to the contribution of arts and culture organizations in their riding, and to communicate them the Canadian Coalition for the Arts’ 3 pre-budget submission recommendations. These recommendations aim to increase overall funding to the arts in Canada so as to ameliorate employment opportunities and conditions in the arts, and improve the cultural sector’s economic situation, and by extension, that of Canadian communities and cultural diplomacy.

The Canadian Arts Coalition is encouraging arts organizations to make an appointment with their MPs and register with the Coalition as part of the campaign.
The Coalition’s website will guide you through the process:
Arts 308



We can't afford to prorogue the arts!

Oct 22, 12:05 PM

PAARC is launching an advocacy campaign on ArcPost in lieu of the Annual Arts Day on the Hill, a day dedicated to advocating for the arts at the federal level organized by the Canadian Coalition for the Arts, was scheduled to take place on October 22, 2013. However, due the prorogation of parliament earlier this Fall, Arts Day on the Hill had to be cancelled.

To find out more about the annual Arts Day on the Hill click here

Between Oct 22-31, email your MP!

Tell Federal Members of Parliament why the arts are an intrinsic part of Canadian society and why funding to the arts should be increased.

Access campaign on ArcPost


#swarm14 -- Thursday September 12 and Friday September 13, 2013

Sep 10, 04:00 PM

Our #swarm14 site is now live, and SWARM maps are available around town. For a guide to this two-day festival of artist-run culture in Vancouver, please visit


Job posting: Services and Outreach Development Coordinator

Mar 15, 12:37 PM

The Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres – PAARC seeks an interested and qualified candidate to fulfill a part-time contract over the next year as a Services and Outreach Development Coordinator (SODC).

Working independently and reporting to the PAARC board the SODC will consult, research, develop and share new content in the areas of advocacy, development and outreach for artist-run centres in BC on .


- Work closely with President and the Board in addressing issues as they arise

- Create a consistent and persistent stance for political elections

- Develop and present PAARC’s profile to a broader public

- Assist in media strategies and social media outreach

- Initiate an advocacy program and corresponding fee schedule


- Research and perform outreach communications to centres across the province, including the emergence of newer artist-run organizations and initiatives

- Research and create additional profiles of BC ARC’s and publish on – Broaden the network of ARC’s and collegial organizations regionally, nationally and internationally


- Follow-up and build upon the additional funding streams identified by the recent Institutions by Artists convention (

- Translate these forms and other documents for the use of PAARC members, streamlining new research into the platform of

- Assist in consolidating perspectives on existing and developing artist-run initiatives

- Research and develop strategies for to generate project revenue

To this end, PAARC seeks a qualified candidate who will ideally:

- Be an active and energetic member of BC’s arts community for min. 4 years or equivalent experience

- Possess a strong command of the written word and public speaking

- Be able to work independently with minimal supervision

- Be prepared to give interim and final reports at PAARC meetings

- Be proficient in computer skills including online publishing and social media

- Experience in advocacy an essential asset

- Ability to communicate in more than one language an asset

- Travel may be required

Contract: up to $12,000 (suggested 40 hours/month @$25/hour)

Please submit a current CV and a letter of interest to Doug Jarvis, PAARC President at Indicate SODC in the subject line.

Deadline for applications is Friday, April 5, 2013, 5:00pm.



Jul 3, 01:52 PM

October 12 – 14, 2012
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, Canada

Institutions by Artists is a three day, international event that evaluates and activates the performance and promise of contemporary artist-run centres and initiatives.

Convening a world congress of artists, curators, critics, and academics, Institutions by Artists will deliberate, explore, and advance the common interests of artist-run centres, collectives, and cultures, creating a catalyst for new as well as divergent assessments and perspectives on such phenomena today. Using experimental formats, performative frameworks, and participatory vehicles, the three day series of events is designed to challenge and generate new thinking about artist-run initiatives globally, examining many dimensions whether urban or rural, fixed or mobile, and local or regional, among others. Inspired by the many artists wrestling creatively with building, using, shaping, and deploying institutions by artists,we will explore economies of exchange and knowledge; institutional time and space; as well as intimate and professional networks, among other critical interrogations.

Throughout the Institutions by Artists week, artist-run centres will present special projects that link to the themes of the Convention. From internet art pioneers, to grassroots cinema collectives, to media pirates and institutional revisionists, this series of presentations will invite and engage the public to meet visiting artists, and to examine the many phenomena impacting and defining artist-run institutions globally.

Among the Convention’s experimental tactics are re-enactments of key histories from the annals of artist-run culture, radical distributions of printed matter, the re-purposing of data and systems, as well as DIY models of education, which ultimately support an in-depth examination of the innovative, critical, and irreverent spirit of artist-run cultures and initiatives.



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