Brief to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

Oct 20, 02:14 PM

PAARC presented a brief to the Brief to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services as part of the province-wide 2015 pre-budget consultations.

We presented the following recommendations to the Committee aligned with those of the Professional Arts Alliance of the Greater Victoria and of the BC members of the Pacific IMAA:

1) Increase the budget of BC Arts Council to $32 million, with a plan to increase the Council’s legislated appropriated investment to $40 million, over the following two-year period.
2) We propose that Gaming Community Grants to organizations be increased to $156 million for 2014-15, with a goal of increasing Gaming grants steadily in the long term.
3) To provide stable, predictable funding for the arts sector, the BC Arts Council and Community Gaming Grant program should offer multi-year funding with 3 year grants to arts and cultural organizations, through the government considering a three-year budgeting model for those agencies.
4) The government should develop a capital program to help arts organizations purchase and maintain presentation venues for art and culture.

You can download the full report here