2017 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief

Oct 14, 06:40 PM

PAARC presented a brief to the Brief to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services as part of the province-wide 2017 pre-budget consultations.

We presented the following recommendations to the Committee aligned with those of the Professional Arts Alliance of the Greater Victoria and the Alliance for Arts and Culture.

Recommendation 1
Double the investment in the BC Arts Council so that: a) BC artists have the same opportunities as artists in other provinces; b) BC arts organizations can provide access to underserved communities; c) the Council can provide stable, multi-year funding to arts, culture and heritage organizations;

Recommendation 2
Restore gaming grant levels to 2008 levels and provide incremental increases as gaming revenues increase;

Recommendation 3
Invest in a cultural facilities infrastructure program to enable BC organizations to leverage federal funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage;

Recommendation 4
Increase funding for arts education to enable access for youth;

Recommendation 5
Increase investment in the cultural sector so that everyone in BC can have meaningful engagement with culture, including access to thought-provoking visual and media arts, and that artists, cultural workers, and organizations can continue to foster the development of a dynamic, diverse, and rich cultural offer.

Download PAARC’s 2017 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief